Pashupati, a sacred Hindu complex on the Bagmati river in Kathmandu. This holy complex of temples is used as a cremation grounds and for Hindu festivals. In the late afternoons/evening you can watch a cremation ceremony from beginning to end.  There are two sections where these ceremonies are held. One more expensive than the other for a higher caste.

One of the major Festivals of the temple is Maha Shivaratri on which day over 800,000 devotees visit here. The night images are from the tail end of Shivaratri as you wouldn’t catch me there during the mayhem of the day. Also, on any given day there is no shortage of sadus hanging around the temples ready for their photo opp so keep your camera and your change bag handy.


2 responses to “PASHUPATI TEMPLE”

  1. Dr B Avatar

    Great photos, but not my favourite temple area in Kathmandu Valley. It seems so sinister and unwelcoming when compared to Buddhist complexes like Swayambhu or Boudha or Segall for example.

  2. My Life as a Photographer Avatar
    My Life as a Photographer

    These pictures really touch a place!

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