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Thupten Choling is the retreat community and monastery established by Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche in the 1960s in the Solu Khumbu district of northeastern Nepal. At the moment there are around 350 nuns practicing and pretty much running the monastery.

As usual I’m drawn to the kitchen so I spent most of my time with the Anis watching and helping them cook/prep, getting smacked in the butt (yep. they’re pretty silly) and drinking tons of tea as they won’t stop offering until you’ve had three cups already.

A very special place above Junbesi in the Solu Khumbu.

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Originally from the flat lands of the Midwest, Emily has journeyed far from home connecting with cultures and perspectives from around the world. As a National Geographic Travel contributor Emily views photography as a means to inquire into the human experience and our relationship to the lands we inhabit. Currently Emily splits her time between Nepal and California collaborating with like minded clients while working on personal projects.


  1. Maike van den Elzen says:

    I visited the monastery in 2019 and was impressed. I would like to stay there for a couple of weeks in the future.
    Do you know if this is possible , i thought they have a guesthouse , and in which way i can make contact?

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