I went to Mexico for a month with a vauge idea of working on a personal project. Sometimes I like to just go and then discover the project once I’m there. I had no plans to go to Tulum but upon learning about Cenotes the photo that I wanted to create was born so I spent a week in Tulum shooting Centoes. The feature image is the hero image. Thanks for looking!

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Outdoor adventure travel photographer based in Nepal. Lover of land, culture and beautiful imagery.

18 thoughts on “CENOTES OF TULUM, MEXICO”

  1. I remember reading about cenotes in and adventure-spy book when I was in my very early teens. Basically the baddies threw the hero in one such place, with no way out, and he had to get out somehow… It was enough to give me the chills! But I’m happy to see that, in facts, cenotes are a lot nicer than that book led me to believe. Splendid photos, you’ve got great eye!

  2. You have a way of capturing the beauty of both the people and the environment without sacrificing one for the other. Great work.

  3. I love this it’s truly amazing I love waterfall I went waterfallin a couple of years ago
    I didn’t know that others did it to just travel our world looking for gorgeous waterfalls like this it’s amazing it’s a paradise

  4. Those underwater images are striking, a testament to the clear waters and your photographic ability. Great photo essay.

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