Home in Wisconsin


This is the land that I was born and raised on. A place made of forest forts, fishing on the lakes and eating mud pies. I am ever grateful to have had such a lovely piece of land to be part of my development as a human being. Spending time in the wide open spaces of nature is something that is inside of my layers and that makes me smile. Hoping that we all get to spend time outside and experience all that nature has to teach us. And granola because it’s tasty.

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Originally from the flat lands of the Midwest, Emily has journeyed far from home connecting with cultures and perspectives from around the world. As a National Geographic Travel contributor Emily views photography as a means to inquire into the human experience and our relationship to the lands we inhabit. Currently Emily splits her time between Nepal and California collaborating with like minded clients while working on personal projects.

2 thoughts on “Home in Wisconsin”

  1. There is nothing spending your childhood at countryside with nature. I was fortunate to do that. And these beautiful pictures reminds me of it.

  2. I love that picture of the dirt road into the forest. You are fortunate to have grown in such a place rich with the earth’s beauty. So stunning.

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