What a lovely place to come to after Delhi and Agra. Nothing against big cities but I love smaller places especially if it has a lake and temples on the hill tops. Great spot for some R&R and Jewelry to start a magical journey through Rajasthan.


5 responses to “PUSHKAR!”

  1. noircritique Avatar

    Beautiful… 🙂

  2. vishalchouhan Avatar

    It was nice to see you how u travel and explore many different cities of India…

  3. Uma Nudurupati Avatar
    Uma Nudurupati

    The pictures speak a language of their own! Captions I redundant I feel.. Spellbinding

  4. Thibaut Avatar

    Western man walked along your blog also…and enjoyed it 🙂 !
    Bueno !

    1. EMILY POLAR Avatar

      Ha! I use captions for image search or seo. It seems silly and redundant but ah well! I know…”Westerner”

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