What can I say other than this place is amazing. Who else has pots of chai this big?! It’s not just that, it’s all of the people who come here to be of service.

To see slideshow click on any image! enjoy 🙂

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Outdoor adventure travel photographer based in Nepal. Lover of land, culture and beautiful imagery.

12 thoughts on “GOLDEN TEMPLE”

  1. These pictures were stunning! As a Sikh, whenever I go to India, the Golden Temple is a stop I always make. It’s breathtaking. It’s one of my favourite places to visit. The people, the atmosphere, the history are all so rich and welcoming, that I long to visit it every year. You’re really lucky to have gone. Many people never get a chance to visit and sit down and take in all the spirituality. You really captured the beauty of this sacred place. The Golden Temple is such an amazing place to visit and you can see its essence and life in each picture. It’s fantastic! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. You take the most beautiful pictures capturing the moment perfectly. You are an inspiration to me to get my camera out and keep taking pictures. I am a beginner photographer and your style of photography is what I want to be able to match (some day).

  3. Meghna says:

    These are amazing pictures! I’m going to India this winter and these pictures are getting me even more excited 🙂 how long are you in India for?

    Just wanted to let you know that I deleted my old blog and created a new one at I’d love if you followed me on there 🙂


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