What to do on the days when you’re not in the Golden Temple? Run around the city of Amritsar and try not to get lost or hit by a car. Buy a pair of shoes and some frozen treats. Or even better hang out with the guys at shoe check. Enjoy!


6 responses to “AMRITSAR”

  1. Vinh N Avatar

    I love your photos so much! I’m going to visit India probably next year so really excited now 🙂

    Check out my latest post here http://www.vingnguyen.com/tips-travel-egypt/

  2. AnnaJ Avatar

    Loved seeing Amritsar through your eyes. Great captures!

  3. Quite Good Food Avatar

    Stunning photos as always! Makes me want to jump on a plane and head off on an adventure!

  4. BaRTZap Avatar

    Amazing pictures. It makes me miss Amritsar so much …

  5. thecasualdreamerr Avatar

    Love it! Your pictures make me want to go back! They really capture Amritsari life

  6. Bentley Avatar

    Thanks forr writing

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