After 6 months in India these pants had seen a lot. Lost of color and full of stains after their reoccurring encounters with many a bus, train, boat, scooter, bike, rickshaw, mountain, rock, temple, street, lake, beach and monastery to make a girl smile. I think they liked it most when I took them to Rajasthan to shoot a series called, “Handstands in Rajasthan” They gave their every last bit of fabric to stick with me till the end. Now they sit in my closet in California. Happily retired. Hope you enjoy the couple shots from this series I posted here.

Now, where can I find a pair of red pants for the next journey?!

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Outdoor adventure travel photographer based in Nepal. Lover of land, culture and beautiful imagery.


  1. madelinebombardi says:

    I am sure you get this a lot, but your photo journalism is incredibly breath taking! The clarity of colors in every blog post portrays a unique and incredible experience. Needless to say, I am a fan of your blog.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I am from India and have visited Rajasthan a couple of times. The way you see it, makes me appreciate it even more!

  3. Meghna says:

    I am in awe of your skills. WHY CAN’T I TAKE PICTURES THIS GOOD AAAAAAAH no but seriously, your pictures are amazing works of art. They capture daily life beautifully and make me look at the world in a new light. My parents are both Indian – and my dad is from Rajasthan, so the recent pictures on your blog about India, especially the ones in Udaipur, where my grandparents live, are extra-special. Looking forward to seeing more of your pictures!!

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