An overdue journey into the Thar desert was warmly welcomed with four Italians I met in Jaisalmer. We set out into the middle of no-where in a 4×4 jeep crammed with our packs and water containers. Stopping in the ghost town of Kuldhara before meeting up with our camels to embark our hot and bumpy adventure.

9 responses to “THAR DESERT, RAJASTHAN”


    love your blog..

  2. Passions Avatar

    The photos are fantastic, simply loved them.

  3. emtag2 Avatar

    Wow. Wow wow wow. Incredible photographs. I especially love the line of women walking through the desert in their colourful saris. The quality of your photos is outstanding!

  4. desertphotographers Avatar

    Wow. Love your blog…love your vision and love your beautiful picturization in that desert and sand dune s fun and people of Rajasthan……..Hats off…Emily

  5. lifeofmeenz Avatar

    Amazing! Very inspirational!

  6. uma parmar Avatar

    It’s B’ful n Awesome place… Nice travelling with u..

  7. Vagrancies Avatar

    amazing pictures

  8. Erin Bast Avatar

    Your photos are so creative and beautiful! Thank you for sharing your travels!

  9. EMILY POLAR Avatar

    Why thank ya! 🙂

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