I spent about 3 days in Jodhpur on my super charged photo mission to shoot Rajasthan in two weeks all in effort to get to Hampi by the full moon. After a missed train and near body/mind breakdown I managed to get to Hampi the day after the full moon. I was exhausted and couldn’t be bothered heading out into the night to shoot. That’s another story for another blog post. In the meantime, please enjoy what was seen in the streets of Jodhpur with my eyes via my Canon mark lll.


  1. hmelladovega Avatar

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  2. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder Avatar

    Wonderful clicks here. You’ve caught the essence of Rajasthan in these photos…. 🙂

  3. Sarvana Avatar

    Nice photographs, Jodhpur is live here!

  4. Susan Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for opening up the world.

  5. Patrick Jennings Avatar

    Lovely portrait of a fascinating city and its people. Your ability to create a rapport with the people makes for an intimate essay on life. Well done!

  6. ashi Avatar

    You captured the city in and out. It is an amazing place and glad you found our India nice 🙂

  7. njacksonnie Avatar

    Love your work darling, these are fantastic.. A job well done

  8. fragglecasper Avatar

    Fellow photographer here.. well done loving it all

  9. KWP Avatar

    Love it … Stunning … Divine X

  10. dlisd Avatar

    i like this place very much here i satisfaction of living

  11. […] The Streets of Jodhpur, Rajasthan […]

  12. nishapril Avatar

    Hello Emily this is Nishaad from Mumbai,
    Your pics from the tough terrian are quite amazing

  13. uma parmar Avatar

    Awesome… To travel with you in our Rajasthan!!

  14. Chika Gujarathi Avatar

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures. I visited Jodhpur eons ago and these pictures brought it all back.

  15. Amadeus W Avatar

    Thanks for your blog. It brought back fond memories from the time when I was there… early 2000, gee… so long ago. The big change I notice: all looks so clean, and no cows. Well put together, good eye for detail.
    I have started uploading my travel journal on my blog…. https://mythwords.wordpress.com/indian-travels-my-rajasthan-jaipur-udaipur-jodhpur-bikaner-jaisalmer/
    Have a read when you have time. Amadeus W.

  16. chetrends Avatar

    Beautiful photos

  17. catharsishungry07 Avatar

    I love all these pictures!! 🙂

  18. kjsblog Avatar

    This is realy nice..incredible india!

  19. mighty_manit Avatar

    My #Jodhpur 🙂

  20. thamelissashow Avatar

    Great pics! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  21. dalbandinsongs Avatar

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    Good Trip

  22. sambansalblog Avatar

    this could be any small town in India, but only jodhpur offers so many vivid colors. loved it.

  23. ksardwal Avatar

    lovely picks…

  24. Cherchering Avatar

    Being an Indian I feel proud. I am happy you enjoyed your stay. Give our site a read for some indian recipes and other thoughts.
    Cheers 🙂

  25. transylvaniamylove Avatar

    Beautiful street snapshots, love it..

  26. forensictraveller Avatar

    Your photographs are amazing. So vibrant and stark – they really capture the atmosphere of the place well. Definitely going to be following your posts!

  27. vip012311 Avatar

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  28. Claudio Thompson Avatar

    This is fantastic!


  30. Lynz Real Cooking Avatar

    Very beautiful and real photos. I lived in Riyadh for 16 years, visited Syria numerous times and so it’s nice to see pictures that capture things for Real.I just started a blog about cooking and life in the Middle East. lynzrealcooking

  31. c4tcon1on Avatar

    Glorious! Really superb photos, I love the lighting and colour and composition. I am green with envy.

  32. liathegreater Avatar

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  33. travelmagnolia Avatar

    Great montage! I love India…and it is a photographer’s dream.

  34. Camila Avatar

    Great pics!

    I’ve also spent more than a couple of days in Jodhpur and written some posts about it: https://camilainsweden.wordpress.com/2012/07/18/cenas-de-jodhpur-ii-o-forte-mehrangarh/

    I loved Rajasthan, so beautiful and colorful.

  35. quarterback Avatar

    nice photo.great job

  36. travel4reasons Avatar

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    Great pictures – speaks a little to Emily Polar’s experience.

  37. inesdeferran Avatar

    Great pictures !!! They are showing very well the atmosphere of Jodhpur, but not cliché at all !!

  38. adsunsri Avatar

    what a spectacular collage of photos..they really breathe Rajastan!

  39. Shilpi Siwach Avatar

    oh how i loved the pictures.. 🙂

  40. saturdayswithalicia Avatar

    Beautiful pictures! I’m sure you had an amazing trip!

  41. Arul Avatar


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