I had the opportunity to work with LEHO a non-profit based in Leh documenting the Apricot Harvest and the building of various structures for drying apricots in the summer and growing vegetables in the winter. Takmachik is a beautiful village along the Indus river about 5 hours from Leh via local bus.

46 responses to “APRICOT HARVEST”

  1. buckinghamvintage Avatar

    Fantastic photos! Thank you for sharing them. Catherine

  2. Edwin Lua Avatar

    Beautiful place. Hope to travel there someday! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. tenphl Avatar

    I am from ladakh and have eaten loads of these but never really made a conscious effort to know the process of it. So it was nice to see . And by the way amazing photos

  4. thirdeyemom Avatar

    Wow, amazing work and photos!

  5. Val Hutson Avatar

    Stunning photos Emily, I’m studying nutrition so great to see fruit being harvested.

  6. Lisette Defoe Avatar
    Lisette Defoe

    Oh, man!! I looove Apricots!!! I’d fill baskets and my stomach too!!

  7. susan Avatar

    Thanks for a glimpse of this village and a look at the apricot harvest. Love apricots. Never realized the work and time involved.

  8. Thom Hickey Avatar

    Delighted to have found your beautifully illustrated blog Emily. Lots for me to explore. Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox (drop a nickel).

  9. Chai Avatar

    Looks fun doing things like this, i wish i can do that someday. 🙂 good photos.

  10. donnaevaligia Avatar

    Fabulous pictures. They remind me of one summer I traveled to Kinnaur and Spiti ten years back. Spiti is another Tibetan area in India at very high altitude, I suppose very similar to Ladakh, although I have not been to Ladakh . The roofs were full of apricot let to dry and orangy carpets peppered my memories. The fresh ones were delicious, but when they let me try some dried ones, oh they were so hard , ha, I did not know what to do with them.. wonderful trip it was.

  11. birdyspeaks5 Avatar

    I use to teach a history class about Africa and Asia. It was the best teaching experience I ever had. Loved learning about the people, their culture and customs. You are so fortunate. Wish I were still teaching so that I might be able to share these wonderful pictures with my students.

  12. shraddha16jan Avatar

    Omg.. They looking so damn beautiful… Wonderful pictures.. Great job by u dear.. Hats off to yr vision n good luck for your future..💝

  13. Manasa Manjunath Avatar

    The pictures are beautiful. It makes you feel like you are actually there. Congratulations on being freshly pressed!!

  14. watchamahkulit Avatar

    your photos are great 🙂

  15. jendean08 Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful! You really captured the spirit and culture of the harvest!

  16. Indah Susanti Avatar

    Stunning place and beautiful photos!

  17. ditchthebun Avatar

    Fantastic photos 🙂 I love apricots and even dream of having my own tree someday 🙂

  18. christopherlcall Avatar

    Wonderful pictures, and wonderful memories. Thank you for giving us a look into something so beautiful and personal!

  19. Maya Avatar

    Beautiful series!

  20. Anna Gragert Avatar

    Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  21. kestrel Avatar

    These pics are amazing. So much work going into the fruit harvest. Something we don’t really think too much about when we eat it!

  22. backfromtheborderlands Avatar

    This is beautiful! Thank you for posting!

  23. Karen Avatar

    Great images Emily, and thankyou for sharing.

  24. Archana Avatar

    beautiful 🙂

  25. growhort Avatar

    Reblogged this on GrowHort – Grow your Horticultural Knowledege and commented:
    Apricots ripening on our south facing kitchen garden wall grabbed my imagination, my inquisitive nature took over as I just had to discover how Apricots are grown, harvested and dried elsewhere. This great photographic journey helped me kick start my research, leaving me with a desire to find out even more. re-blogged so you can share my interest and join me on my voyage of discovery.

    1. EMILY POLAR Avatar

      thanks for reblogging! There will be more food and farming to come! In India and looking into documenting fair trade.

  26. growhort Avatar

    Great photographs (re-blogged) We harvested over 30kg from one tree this year and after seeing your wonderful pictures, I cannot wait to find out more about Apricot harvests internationally.

    1. EMILY POLAR Avatar

      Wow! 30kg is a lot! Where are you located? Apricots are huge in northern India/Ladakh and the livelihood for many farmers in Ladakh.

      1. growhort Avatar

        I manage an Estate with a large walled kitchen garden. The single Apricot fan trained tree in question is just a few years old and on a south facing red brick wall in the Ayots, Hertfordshire

  27. invigoratingtraveler Avatar

    Your photos are stunning! Beautiful nature and so much happiness even though they seem to work very hard. What a trip!

  28. whippelixir Avatar

    Simply stunning. I have sometimes wondered what paper, harvesting look like. You’ve perfectly presented an example. Thanks.

  29. pix & kardz Avatar

    oh how touching is this. something poignant about these images – some that are funny, and others simply poignant. thank you for sharing your experience.
    and congrats belatedly on being freshly pressed!

  30. Rudolf Abraham Avatar

    Lovely images of a truly lovely part of the world

  31. Beauty Along the Road Avatar

    Hi Emily – thank you for photo-documenting what appears to be a very ancient practice of food-preserving. It looks like a tremendous amount of work requiring a lot of people to manage the abundant amounts of apricots.

  32. valentinevera Avatar

    Beautiful! those fruits look tasty! sorry but in which country was this?

    1. EMILY POLAR Avatar

      Northern India in Ladakh 🙂

  33. realcassiusza Avatar

    Reblogged this on RealCassius•ZA.

  34. Jeanne Avatar

    Fabulous photographs and ethnography 🙂

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