Burma, Myanmar, Ogre, Village, Travel, Rural, Bad Teeth, Smoke, Mawlamyine, Bald,
Old man on Ogre Island in Southern Burma smokes the local cigarette.
Travel, Burma, Myanmar, Local, Family, Ogre, Mawlamyine, Home, House, Stilts, Bamboo,
Family on Ogre Island in Burma spends a hot afternoon on the porch.

Looking back at Burma I won’t miss the food (except the coconut pancakes) I will miss the people. The most welcoming, curious, innocent and grateful I have met. Here is one of my favorite portraits of man from Ogre island. I was walking down a dirt trail between homes and there he was. I wanted to start photographing him immediately but waited. His family sitting near by started laughing and made hand gestures to take photos…I love it when people tell me to take pictures. I showed them the photos I took and posed for a portrait myself before continuing down the dirt road still hearing their laughter.

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